108,900 sq ft



The British Engineerium

Hove, East Sussex


The British Engineerium is an engineering and steam power museum situated within the Brighton and Hove conurbation.

It comprises a series of 19th century high Victorian gothic brick buildings which were erected in 1866 as a pumping station for the local water supply company.The Engineerium has been beautifully restored over the last ten years by the British Engineerium Trust. In recent years, additional accommodation has been added, extending the buildings, with several new buildings, to a total floor area of 33,625 sq.ft / 3,123 sq.m.The Engineerium sits upon a total site area of 2.5 acres/1 hectare.
  • Major historic heritage museum site within Brighton & Hove
  • Significant potential for a variety of uses including Leisure, Business Space, Educational, Media Campus, Institutional
  • www.britishengineerium.co.uk


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