Meet the Team: Our Property Manager, Beth Wardle

31st May 2019

The people behind our business are the driving force of Oakley’s great local reputation and our 25 years of success. We’re proud to introduce you to Beth, our Property Manager. Beth’s part of our Professional Services and Management Team.

What does your department do?

Our Property Management Department looks after and advises freeholders on a variety of properties including industrial estates, office buildings, retail units, housing estates, blocks of flats and build-to-rent schemes. Our management service can start as early as during the planning phase or building phase, but also we can be appointed to take over the management of an existing building where the management arrangements are already established.

What’s your favourite thing about working in Property Management?

No two days are the same! Some days we can be dealing with emergency situations such as water leaks or vandalism, and other days we might be meeting clients on site during the very early stages of the planning process. The diverse selection of clients, properties and instructions keeps the job varied and challenging.

What's your favourite thing about working at Oakley?

The people, the environment and the opportunities. All members of the team are friendly and approachable making for a relaxed environment despite the fast-paced and sometimes high-pressure nature of the job.  The managers actively encourage further study and qualifications making progression within the company a realistic goal.

What was one of your most memorable achievements in your department so far?

The management team in conjunction with the lettings team won the instruction to look after one of Brighton’s first build-to-rent schemes. The property is a modern block of flats with over 60 homes within so it’s a fantastic project for us to take on and manage.

How did you get started in your career in property? 

Once I had completed my Law Degree, I was looking for a career that would enable me to utilise the skills and knowledge gained during my studies. Fortunately, I was offered the opportunity to commence work as a Trainee Leasehold Property Manager and I have progressed through the various roles to my current position as Commercial Property Manager and Trainee Surveyor.

What has been your favourite property so far? 

One of my favourite properties to look after so far has been Lace House which is a prestigious block of residential flats in central Brighton. The property was part of a renovation project (including its famous black cat) and the flats were finished to a very high standard. The developer was a pleasure to work with and the handover of the development to Oakley as the Managing Agent was extremely efficient.

What do you like most about living in Sussex?  

I enjoy being outdoors so the opportunity to explore both the coast and the South Downs during my free time is a huge selling point. There are also a number of beautiful towns and villages throughout East and West Sussex that are a joy to discover.

If you own or manage the freehold of a property block and are looking for support, Beth's team will be very happy to help. Call 01273 688882.


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