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Major Brighton Co-living Scheme Wins Appeal

27th February 2024

We are delighted that Kosy Living have won their Planning Appeal against Brighton & Hove City Council and have now secured planning permission for Brighton & Hove’s first co-living scheme on the site of Enterprise Point in Melbourne Street, Brighton. This paves the way for the multi million-pound sale by Oakley Property to Kosy Living. Read More

Embarking on the Landlord Journey

7th December 2023

Insights for Aspiring and Seasoned Landlords in Shoreham-by-Sea Property investment has long been a staple in British retirement planning. The introduction of the buy-to-let mortgage over a quarter-century ago marked a significant turn, presenting opportunities for dual returns: rental income in the short term and capital growth in the long-term. You can see why there are a substantial number of… Read More

The Annual Oakley Property & UTB Developer Forum Lunch

1st November 2023

We were delighted to host our Annual Oakley Property + UTB Developer Forum Lunch recently at The Ivy in The Lanes, Brighton.  We are so pleased that this event is becoming a regular fixture in the Land & New Homes calendar for many of our developers clients who see the value in sharing ideas with fellow developers as well as learning … Read More

The Resurgence of Shoreham-by-Sea's Semi-Detached Houses: a 546% Price Surge in 28 Years

26th October 2023

In the realm of British suburban living, the semi-detached house has often been the subject of caricature. A symbol of safe yet uninspiring domesticity; epitomised by hit TV shows and movies like the Dursleys out of Harry Potter, the BBC show Outnumbered, Birds of a Feather and the ever-awkward son of Norwich, Alan Partridge. However, recent property trends in Shoreham-by-Sea… Read More

Considering Downsizing? Here are 7 Vital Points Empty Nesters Should Keep in Mind Before Selling Their Shoreham Home

20th June 2023

Evaluate Your Current Needs: Take stock of your lifestyle and assess how your requirements have changed since your children left the nest. Consider factors like space, maintenance, and accessibility that will shape your ideal downsized home. Financial Planning: Downsizing can be a great opportunity to free up equity and reduce expenses. Consult a financial advisor to understand the implications and… Read More

Evolving Shoreham-by-Sea Property Preferences

13th June 2023

The Shoreham-by-Sea property landscape is constantly evolving, shaped by societal, economic and cultural factors. The type of properties people have bought in the last few years since the first lockdown has undergone some notable changes, reflecting shifting preferences and lifestyle choices. This article explores the transformations in property purchasing trends over the last two years compared to the long-term, almost three-decade average, with a focus on Shoreham-by-Sea detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and apartments. Read More


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