Friday the 13th affects property sales; it's a fact.

11th September 2019

It’s official, Friday the 13th is considered an undesirable day to move house or exchange contracts and so much so, that there is a noticeable 39% decrease in conveyancing activity across the nation, according to HM Land registry figures. On a usual Friday throughout the year, the average number of house purchase that are completed sits just under 10,000; but on a Friday the 13th, the average is around 5000 to 6000

This mindset disrupts the market at least once a year, depending on where the dates fall and is a real challenge for solicitors and conveyancing teams, property developers and estate agents. We’re a superstitious nation, with many number 13 houses missing from the street numbers too, including in new build developments too. For many, moving house is an anxious time, with the perception that “so much can go wrong” so they just don’t want to risk leaving the date to one that seems so ominous. However, with the right team behind the move, supportive mortgage lenders, approachable solicitors and transparent estate agents, plus good communication between all, there is no need for buyers and sellers to feel so nervous.

With Friday the 13th looming in just a few days, we haven’t stalled our conveyancing and encourage our clients and customers not to do so either. Rest assured that no matter which day and date you make your purchase decisions, view a property, make an offer or accept an offer, we will always keep our service standards high and do all we can to assist you and your buyer or vendor in a smooth move. However, if something doesn’t feel quite right to you about a sales process, we’re always here to listen and offer some friendly advice.

If you’d like to sell your property with a trusted countywide agency, please contact the relevant Oakley office and we’ll gladly invite you in for a meeting with our friendly team at Brighton, Lewes or Shoreham to put your mind at ease.


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