Meet the Team: Jason, Shoreham's Senior Sales Consultant

10th March 2020

The people are what makes our business here at Oakley. Our wonderful team inspire each other and our clients day in and day out and work exceptionally hard to get the best results for all concerned. Our Shoreham branch is no exception, and our new team member Jason has fit in perfectly to our dedicated team there. Let's get to know more about Jason: 

How did you get into the property industry? 

Originally a chef, I'm certainly used to a fast-paced environment, although over time the hours in hospitality weren't right for me so I needed a change. I'm not one for sitting in the office all day and I like people based roles, so decided to give estate agency a go. I found an opportunity in Kemp Town 17 years ago and spent 2 years learning the industry.  I enjoyed it so much that I made it my career and my enthusiasm for the industry has never wavered. 

What do you enjoy most about property sales?

I do enjoy the people and the properties for all their quirks and differences, sometimes buying or selling a home can be a stressful situation but I enjoy working with our clients to help them get to where they want to be, whether it be giving them advice on the value and marketing of their property or matching them to suitable property to buy or let. There is nothing better than working with a client on a challenging sale or purchase and coming out the other end to exchange and complete on their new home.

What do you focus on to keep such a loyal client base?

Customer service, communication and doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. It really is that simple in my mind. I think that has helped me maintain a good reputation over the past 17 years and helped customers to trust me, which is why they have followed me to my new company. 

What do you do to relax outside the busy Estate Agency world?

I still love food, so cooking for friends or going out to eat is my favourite thing to do. I am a family man, married with 2 boys so I make sure I spend as much fun time with them as I can whether that be at home or going away on holidays in the UK or abroad. We all love music in my house so music festivals and concerts are something we love to do as well.

What do you enjoy most about living in Shoreham?

The atmosphere of the place, there is a close-knit community in Shoreham and because it’s small and everyone walks everywhere rather than driving, so you see familiar faces every day and that gives Shoreham a real villagey feel. There are lot of local community events throughout the year from Local markets, Beach Dreams festival, the car boot sales on Adur Rec, The Dogs Trust and RNLI open day fundraisers throughout the year, The Shoreham Fort events……..I can go on and on really. We are lucky here we have the downs, the river and the sea on our doorstep and you can jump on a train and be in London in just over an hour and 15 minutes. I really do think we have the best of everything in Shoreham.

What is the most memorable property you have sold?

I will always remember a house I sold In North Shoreham quite a few years ago now. The older couple that lived at the property had lived at the property for decades. We were wildly different people from completely different backgrounds but we got on very well. I was invited to value their home for sale, and afterwards they wrote me a handwritten letter thanking me for the visit, which was unusual because most correspondence is by email these days. 6 months later I received a call from their son. The father had sadly passed away and the family were moving their mother to be nearer them. Before his father died, he had mentioned to his son that he wanted me personally to sell the house if anything happened to him which is why the son had got in touch……….that has always stayed with me and I was grateful for the recognition. 

How are you finding life in the Oakley Shoreham team, and at Oakley as a whole?

I've had the pleasure of working with some of the team before in previous roles so it was nice to come into familiar faces; we all work hard and get on very well. I love living and working in Shoreham so this role works very well for me. I grew up in Brighton and have seen Oakley property grow over the years, I have always worked for independent agents, mainly smaller businesses. Oakley Property is a larger independent agent with a larger team, who have all been very welcoming. Although we work from multiple offices across Sussex, we seem to communicate really well. 

What are you looking forward to most in your role this year?

We have a number of new home development launches this Spring and a second phase launch at the Waterfront in Shoreham which I am looking forward to, as well as building the Residential Sales side of the office. I have worked in Shoreham since 2006 so am fairly well known locally which does bring repeat business into the office. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Nick and Emily to grow the business in the Shoreham office throughout this year.


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