Working from home – time for a new one?

9th April 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have resulted in many people re-evaluating their living conditions under these unprecedented circumstances. 

Those of us who have found ourselves unexpectedly having to work from home have had to commandeer or create a space that wasn’t a requirement when we carefully chose our home and moved in. Although lockdown is beginning to ease, it is generally accepted that some degree of home working will be the new norm, and this is spurring on many to search for a new property that can better accommodate this new work/life balance. 

Searching for your new home 

If you’re one of the people thinking about moving to improve your working from home experience, here’s a quick round-up of some of the key considerations for your new wish list. 

  • Garden space 

Kitchens were once the top priority for buyers, but this has now shifted to outdoor spaces and gardens. Being able to get some fresh air and a change of scenery when you want it has made private outside space the new must-have. Searches for rental properties with gardens were up 26% in April compared with the same period in 2019. 

  • Separate office or area 

A dedicated room for a separate office would obviously be a first choice for many to gain not only privacy, but the ability to close the door on work once you’ve clocked-off. If space is tight however, look out for other areas that can be utilised, nooks under the stairs for example. Another option, if you have a garden, is an outside office or cabin. 

  • Public green spaces 

The housing market has seen an increase in people wanting to move out of towns and cities and into more rural locations, prioritising access to parks and green spaces, and with less traffic and noise. Proximity to parks and trails can also make a great compromise if your budget can’t quite stretch to having your own garden. 

  • High speed internet.

Arguably, one of the most important needs when working from home is your internet speed and bandwidth. It’s no use having the perfect office set up, if you can’t send an email or join a video conference call. You need to consider how many people and devices are connected at the same time (this includes background connections like your smart home tech).  If you’re going to need more bandwidth, you should check the availability and speed for the areas you’re considering moving to. 

  • Train stations. 

As commuting to the office becomes less of a need, so too does being close to the train station. However, although not as much of a necessity as before, access to public transport will likely remain desirable. 

We can help 

Let us help you find a new home that ticks all your wish-list boxes. We have a constant supply of new properties coming to market, from one-bedroom flats to spacious family homes. If you’re looking to sell your current property, we can help you market its strengths to cater for these changing needs. 

Please give us a call or email us today.


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