Oakley Property are delighted to announce the sale of the iconic and historic British Engineerium

29th April 2022

The Commercial team at Oakley Property are delighted to announce the sale of the iconic and historic British Engineerium site and buildings in a multimillion pound deal.

The British Engineerium comprises a series of 19th century high Victorian gothic brick buildings, which were constructed  in 1866 as a water pumping station to  supply water to the rapidly expanding Brighton & Hove conurbation.  The site ran successfully until the 1950s when it became redundant. It fell into disrepair in the 1970’s before being partially restored and then sold in the mid 2000’s. Our client ,the Engineerium Trust ,then continued with the restoration programme adding approx. 15,000sqft of new space before offering the site For Sale through Oakley Property.

Selling such a unique asset has proved to be a complex task and has presented many exciting challenges for our team.

An extensive marketing campaign was implemented which included a 16 page brochure, social media campaign, targeted advertising in 3 National steam magazines and an appearance on  ITV News’ Meridian Tonight . 

Steven Harvey, Commerical Director at Oakley Property says,

“The British Engineerium must be one of the most unique and interesting properties we have ever brought to market. Despite the challenges we faced, we are delighted to have found a buyer who cares about the site as much as our client does and will fulfil its potential over the coming years ”.

The new owner, Mr Luke Johnson, in conjunction with his business partner professor Paul Dolan , intends to use the site as

“a cutting-edge centre for wellbeing, designed to promote health, happiness and wellbeing in the community”

and we confident he will be a worthy custodian of this magnificent heritage site.

Mr Johnson is the chair of the Brighton Pier group and now owns the 2 most iconic heritage sites in Brighton & Hove - He said,

“the multi-use development will comprise co-working spaces, recreation and leisure facilities and a centre for research into what makes us happy”.

Mr Johnson went on to say,

“over the next few years, the Engineerium will play a central role in showing how we can develop happier and more resilient communities, and, through our accompanying research, we will investigate the key determinants of what really makes us happy”.

Oakley Property are proud to have played their part in preserving the future of this iconic property .

If you require advice on the acquisition or disposal of commercial premises across Sussex, contact our team on 01273 688882 .


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