The historic Grade I Listed Marlborough house is given new lease of life as it returns to market

26th October 2021

Situated in the heart of Brighton, Marlborough House was once a shining beacon of wealth and prosperity for the city, but for many years was left neglected and at the mercy of coastal corrosion and deterioration. 

Due to the building’s rich history and cultural significance, Marlborough house is now a Grade I Listed building and is considered one of the most important buildings in Brighton. 

Originally built in the 1760’s for Samuel Shergold, the building was later sold to the Duke of Marlborough before being substantially remodelled and extended by the Architect Robert Adam into its current Neo-Classical style. From the late 1800’s, the property was used by the Board of Schools and then as offices for Brighton council, before being sold to a local businessman in 1999.

Despite its cultural significance, Marlborough House was under growing public scrutiny due to its lack of upkeep and maintenance which often led to divided opinions between the general public, the local council and its current owner on how to deal with this magnificent piece of architecture.

Fortunately, despite the challenges faced by this historic house, there is indeed a bright future ahead for the building. The current owner, in partnership with local property expert Oakley Property, has worked out a path that will see all 9,200sq.ft of Marlborough House’s beautiful architecture come to market on a rental basis . 

The majestic rooms, some of which include ornate plasterwork and a 5m internal height, lend themselves to a variety of potential uses including boutique  or aparthotel, high end restaurant / members club ,Offices or a co working space.

Due to the radical change to the planning use classes system in September 2020, Marlborough House has the potential to beconsidered for Class E uses which includes retail, restaurant, offices, financial services, gyms, medical and nursery uses and “any other services which it is appropriate to provide in a commercial, business or service locality”. 

Some business types in this category would have previously required a change of use which historically has been very difficult to achieve.

Steven Harvey, Commercial Director at Oakley Property said,

"To see a building such as Marlborough House, which holds so much historical significance come to market is a fantastic moment for the City. This really is a spectacular building and it’s brilliant to see that it will be once again be used and appreciated by local residents and businesses. 

With the change in the use classes system, the opportunities for Marlborough House are endless. Combined with the fact that it is just a short walk from Brighton’s mainline railway station, infamous shopping areas, seafront, hotels and nightlife, there really is no better location and building in Brighton, and we are delighted to be able to bring it to market.”

This isn’t the first time a building with cultural significance in Brighton has been revived just as it looked destined to be left by the wayside. In 2015, and just a short walk from Marlborough House, Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Estate was injected with a £35m boost that saw the estate wonderfully redeveloped. 

After a long wait, Marlborough House has escaped what looked like a fate set to end in tragedy. For the first time in over two decades, the property has an exciting future ahead of itself with the promise of prosperity once again on the cards.

Ensuring heritage sites such as Marlborough house and the Royal Pavilion are maintained for future generations is essential if the history of Brighton is to be preserved.

If you would like to find out more about this unique building please visit or contact Steven Harvey at or on 01273 688 882.


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